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September 11, 2013
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IH: Leia Yamamoto by catalystiic IH: Leia Yamamoto by catalystiic
My application for :iconikehara-high:. The group looks super cute, so I decided not to pass it up.
Wish me luck~!

:bulletred::bulletred:I love to RP, so seriously, just send me a note and I'll get to it as quick as I can!:bulletred::bulletred:

Name: Yamamoto, Leia

Gender: Female

Age: 16 years old

Birthday: December 9th (turning 17 this year)

Class: 1A

Club: Archery

Height: 4'10" / 147.3 cm

Weight: 95 lbs / 43 kg

Quote: "Don't worry, I got this!"

Status: Single

Optimistic: Leia really likes to see the bright side of things all the time. She hopes for the best, even when the situation is pretty crummy.
Honest: Ask her something, and she'll answer it truthfully. She's not one to lie or keep secrets from people.
Good Humored: Leia enjoys laughing and making others laugh. She'd much rather people be smiling and cracking jokes than being super serious all the time.
Jovial: Leia is friendly and welcoming to everyone, if not a bit naive about who she's kind to.
Lacks Tact: Yeah, Leia is not someone that's good with words. While being honest is a good thing, she sometimes doesn't know how to word things delicately, and often times finds herself in hot water because she couldn't put something in better terms.
Procrastinator: Leia loves enjoying things in the moment, which often means she shoves projects and homework aside until the last minute.
Restless: Always loving to be amused and entertained, Leia sometimes has trouble sitting still or doing one thing for a long period of time.
Adventurous: Leia loves being outside and feeling that sense of freedom. She'll often be caught doing something a bit reckless for the sake of "adventure".
Danger Prone: ...and because Leia is a bit reckless in her search for adventure, she is quite danger prone while doing so, typically ending in trips to the infirmary or hospital.

Leia was initially born and raised in America, in the Windy City of Chicago. Growing up in a hustle-and-bustle, crowded city was fun and always amusing to Leia, providing her with an exciting life and unending supply of things to keep her preoccupied. On top of adventures to the lakeside beaches and taking buses and trains to school, Leia was also sent around the city for shopping and Japanese school on weekends. There was never a dull moment for the young girl.

However, when Leia was 14, the hustle-and-bustle city life became overwhelming when she was hit by a drunk driver. Immediate attention saved her life, though rehabilitation for broken limbs and damaged body parts was necessary. Due to this, she was unable to attend her Sophomore year in high school, leaving her a year behind in her studies (which would mean she would have to repeat the Sophomore year, which is considered 1st year in Japan). Even so, she kept her head up and persevered through the challenges life gave her.

Eventually, when she became well enough to travel, her mother and father decided a more peaceful, tranquil place would be better for Leia's health, safety, and recovery. When they discovered the scenic, beautiful existence of Ikehara High, they decided they would move nearby and give Leia a new, comfortable place to be.

Now recovered, Leia is ready for the school year, and ready to get on with her life in this new place.

She's ready for her adventure to continue!

+ The outdoors
+ Exercise
+ Jokes
+ Fantasy novels
+ Little kids
+ Making people smile
+ Seeing and experiencing new things
+ Birds
+ Adventure
+ Manga
+ Cute boys

- Sitting still
- Homework
- Responsibility
- Being nagged
- Her height
- Being teased for being a year behind
- People that are too tense 
- When her accident is brought up
- Feeling and/or being restricted
- School

Additional Information:
:bulletblack: Leia always wears shorts under her skirt.
:bulletblack: Since a young age, Leia's father wanted her to participate in Japanese School, because his English speaking was a bit a subpar. Because of this, Leia attended Japanese School every Saturday and learned how to read, write, and speak Japanese.
:bulletblack: In spite of appearing fully recovered, Leia still needs to conduct her own physical therapy daily so that her previously damaged shoulders and legs remain functional and don't stiffen up.
:bulletblack: In the accident, Leia sustained permanent damage to her back, making it a bit difficult to lift heavier objects.
:bulletblack: Her hair is a little past shoulder-length. 
:bulletblack: In spite of disliking school and not doing her homework, Leia is actually rather intelligent. 
:bulletblack: She enjoys philosophy. 
:bulletblack: Though she'll never admit it, after her accident, she adapted a fear of cars, syringes, and loud noises. Any of these will make her visibly start to panic. This is partially why her family moved out to a rural area and sent her to a boarding school, so she can study in peace and continue to recover.
:bulletblack: She wears red Converse and long black stockings.
:bulletblack: Leia used to have really long hair, but while in the hospital, she required stitches to multiple parts of her head, which required shaving her hair off. She is determined to grow it out again.
:bulletblack: She is a bit of a tacky dresser.
:bulletblack: Part of Leia's physical therapy involved her restrengthening her legs, so for a while she took ballet, because of this, she soon learned how to dance in other ways, such as hip hop, street, and modern.
:bulletblack: Leia has an affinity towards feminine boys, specifically Ren of NU'EST. Her dorm and notebooks have pictures of him everywhere. This also would explain her attraction towards cross-dressing boys or very girly guys.

:bulletred: Takashi DaRosa: Ran into him once. He seems nice enough, though not entirely sure where we stand. Meh, whatever! He's totally cool anyways.

:bulletorange: Emy Hostin: She's totally awesome! Like, we do a lot, actually. I let her borrow my clothes and stuff if she wants 'em, and she's totally the sports-type. We get along GREAT.

:bulletyellow: George Carter: Hmmm...George is absolutely adorable! For real. He's just the cutest little thing ever! Then again, most cross-dresser or feminine guys are totally cute to me. He's got a lot of great makeup and loves to harass Miki with me.

:bulletgreen: Mikio "Miki" Nakagawa: Psh. Mr. Perfect Memory. Love to harass him and tease him. He's like a brother? Yeah, a brother. That's why it's totally fun to harass him endlessly.

:bulletblue: Akira Tomoyuki: Ah! Akira is my buddy! We both get hurt a lot, and she scolds me for not doing my work, but she's pretty awesome. I like hangin' 'round her. I hope to try her cooking, see if it's better than cafeteria food, and in exchange, I'll help her with bandages and injuries since I'm good at fixin' those! I look forward to our future fun times!

:bulletpurple: Lydia "Candy" Takeshi: I've only met her, like, once, but she seems super cute and fun to be around. I can't quite figure out why she's called 'Candy', though. Maybe she likes candy. I dunno. She's also my room mate.

:bulletpink: Ru Saito: Ru is pretty chill. He helped me carry all my mountains of papers. And he likes 2NE1, too. Good taste in music, y'know? I owe him chocolate, though. Might bring 'im more if it comes to that since he seems t'like it so much!

:bulletred: Futo Asakaji: Bad Boy. He's pretty quiet. Maybe too quiet for my liking? Makes it hard to talk t'him, y'know? But apparently he's totally into music and makes some good music himself. I'll have to check it out for myself.

:bulletorange: Ayumu Kurosawa: She's a cutie, but I get the impression she, like, doesn't like me? Or maybe she just likes quiet? Which I'm not. Woopsies. But anyways, she seems to get lost a lot. And she's fun-loving and cool to be around! Look forward to more fun with this girl, that's for sure! Let's hope she doesn't keep getting lost, though.

:bulletyellow: Emi Kaneko: Emi is...quiet. She's really, really shy. But she's really sweet, so I've got no complaints. I kinda wanna know more about her in time.

:bulletgreen: Takami Shou: I really, really like hangin' out with Takami, y'know? He's kinda quiet, but he's fun to be around anyways. He carries around an umbrella because I guess he doesn't like heat? Whatever. He's super cool and nice, even gave me this necklace I wear all the time. He's one of the few people that knows about things that upset me, through chance, mind you! But I trust 'im with it and don't mind if he knows. If he's willing to help me, I'll return the favor anytime for him! I still owe him something nice in return for the mooncake and necklace!

:bulletblue: Yuuji "Aloha" Uehara: Aloha the beach boy. He's a walkin' trouble-maker, who is totally on par with me. We like tickin' off the teachers and makin' messes of things. It's fun to pull pranks, and I'm glad to have found someone to do it with! Not to mention that he's super funny, and likes wearing wigs. I guess he's friends with Mr. Perfect Memory, too? I guess we can harass him together again! Yep, totally a great idea. I can almost TELL this guy's gonna be my partner in crime. Watch out Ikehara High, Aloha and Blondie are on the rise! And we will totally always leave mementos everywhere we go, too.

:bulletpurple: Akara Nakamura: She's my senior, and really smart. She seems to like reading and stuff, but she's really good at schoolwork, and helped me with mine. I appreciate that a lot, since it really got me outta hot water with my sensei.

:bulletpink: Hunter Keddy: Hunter-sempai, as he wants me t'call 'im. Apparently he's big on formalities. Whatever. He wears this weird bunny hat that's kinda cute? He's good at cooking, I'll give him that. Dunno much about him thus far, so I'll have t'give it time t'know him.

:bulletred: Ruri Ikeda: She calls me Momo-chan. She lent me her Madoka cosplay when I fell into the fountain. We've done a lot of fun stuff together, and she's a great friend so far. Anyone that's willing to harass Miki with me is a friend in my book!

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BestNess Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013
Hey! ^^ your character is so cute~ and shes classmates with my character! ^^ whos a new transfer student in the school xD
Shes sorta hotheaded and agressive but her and you character seem to have similar senses of humor so I think theyd get along swimmingly~! (If she can handle Rin's annoyingness. //shot xD))
catalystiic Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah thank you!

And hey, I'm sure Leia can handle her. The real question is will RIN be able to handle LEIA'S annoyingness? XD
BestNess Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013
XDDD they can just hang around and be annoying together pfft :iconmingplz:
I'll send you my skype and we can rp if you want ^^ my preferences are also skype/lit
catalystiic Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Alrightie, I'll add ya as soon as I get some free time!
BestNess Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013
Sounds good~! ^^
Arifee Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013
I swear I thought I commented asking for a rp a while back, but I don't think I did. D:

Anyways, would you like to? c:
catalystiic Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course! I'd love to!
Arifee Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013
Awesomeee :dummy:

Do you prefer skype, notes, comments, docs...? c:
And lit or script? c:
catalystiic Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah definitely lit! I really do fail with script. And I prefer skype, if that's okay ^^
Arifee Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013
Skype and lit are both my preferences. c: I'll note you with my username. :la:
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